Training in the field of public procurement intended for the beneficiaries of the instrument of pre-accession help IPA – for Western Balkans and Turkey, organized by the Public Procurement Authority and the International Training Centre in Turin

The idea of the Project itself is based on the EU Directives and adequate methodologies is to contribute the enhancement of administration capacities and public procurement duly management by establishing economic and sustainable training provision of the national system.

Training of trainers (ToT) as the part of an overall goal of the Project aimed to establish the economic and sustainable  -National Training System in Public Procurement-  within each country  will include the following:

1. The overall curriculum  of the National Training in public procurement  is based on OECD/SIGMA modules (2004 EU Directive) and amended with specific national provisions, tender and administrative procedures (Modules mentioned above are published on the Public Procurement Portal).

2. Leading National Trainer’s team attested as procurement trainers are entirely  informed of the content of SIGMA modules, national legal regulations as well as of the methodology of training skills.

3. National Training Institution Network recognized by the Public Procurement Administration   in providing procurement training for the private and public officers with engagement of the trainer attested as Procurement Trainer by this Project and the curriculum of the National Training in public procurement.


Training of Trainers Program (ToT) anticipated by this Project is an intensive program of studying with a focus on its application  and it requires high level of motivation and devotion by the trainer candidates in order to be capable of  understanding the components of the Program.

National Training of Trainers Program in Public Procurement for each country – user of the project is one of the key results of the Project.

In this respect Montenegro acquired recognized European certificates thus producing the national team of trainers (who have successfully completed Phase I and Phase II of the Project ) who were the lecturers on the trainings in Public Procurement   in cooperation with experts from the European Commission and the International Training Centre in Turin.




1. Gorana Mrvaljević 020/246-411
2. Goran Vojinović 020/246-411
3. Sanja Poleksić 020/246-411
4. Mersad Mujević;

5. Sandra Škatarić 020/246-411
6. Katarina Radović 020/510-402
7. Dijana Ivanović 020/246-411
8. Farisa Kardović 020/246-411
9. Nikolić Ljiljana 020/246-411
10. Bralić Zilha 020/246-411
11. Kajević Hivzo 020/245-798
12. Grubač Svetlana 031/321-612